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Cheap Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons Arty Replica Bags


Louis Vuitton reveals its latest artist to collaborate with New York-based artist Jeff Koons in a new range of replica handbags and accessories. The collection features Koons’ Gazing Ball paintings, a series of large-scale hand-painted reproductions of works by da Vinci, Titian, Rubens, Fragonard and Van Gogh, all Old Masters of the art scene.


These paintings have been transposed to iconic Louis Vuitton replica bags such as the Speedy, the Keepall and the Neverfull. The bags also feature a reconfiguration of the cheap Louis Vuitton monogram bearing Koons’ initials, a first-ever for the Parisian house. Each bag carries a cute tag in the shape of the inflatable rabbit, a popular motif in many of Koons’ work throughout his 40-year career.

Jeff Koons’ Louis Vuitton replica bags are like marmite


Jeff Koons’ art has previously focused on giant metal balloon dogs. Now the artist has created a line of £300 replica handbags which borrow the work of the Old Masters.

Jeff Koons, who made his name making giant neon balloon dogs out of steel and selling them for over $50 million, has started making replica handbags. The artist is to put famous works by Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Fragonard, Rubens and Titian on Louis Vuitton replica handbags, shawls, purses, clutch bags, backpacks and keyholders, all with the artist’s name right in front of every garment. It’s intended to increase appreciation for old works, bringing them in front of audiences who might not necessarily be familiar with work like Reubens’ The Tiger Hunt (or, indeed, with Koons).


The collaboration has been met with disgust on Louis Vuitton’s social-media pages, and praise by Koons fans, but there will be one key parameter to judge the masses’ appreciation: counterfeit sales. If Koons-Vuitton knockoffs and reproductions are quick to appear on the black market, Canal Street, Hong Kong’s Ladies Market and on Leicester Square, then Koons has won. Like HBO’s boss Jeff Bewkes, who was quoted saying how proud he was that Game of Thrones became the most illegally downloaded show in TV history, Koons should follow suit.

In fact, it already feels like Van Gogh’s/Koons’ “A Wheatfield With Cypresses (1889)” bag has been available to buy on Leicester Square for the last 50 years. The Mona Lisa bag will probably be counterfeited the most. Duplicating Da Vinci’s work is already a grand tradition and a few more fakes won’t make a difference. Will Koons ever break or melt an original Fragonard painting, or a Van Gogh into a truly original bag or scarf? At the moment he’s just selling expensive prints. Psychologically you think you’re buying an original Koons by buying a real cheap Louis Vuitton. But you’re not. An “original” Louis Vuitton gets you a reproduced Rubens print. Is the art legacy as strong as the fashion legacy?


I spoke to numerous thinkfluencers to find out what they think. One, the actress and writer Julia “Jelly” Morrison from NY, gave her initial reaction to the clutch:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some weird hybrid that a Senegalese man made in his kiosk outside the Metropolitan Museum,” she said. “Good artists imitate and great artists steal, so who did Koons steal this Mona Lisa bag idea from? Da Vinci is dead. The Mona Lisa is like Enola Gay – you have to see it in person to really understand its magnitude. A bag or a magnet won’t cut it. Like Keith Haring and Basquiat – they wanted to bring art to the masses. I want to see something original. Is that the best Koons can come up with?”

British chef Tess Ward said she “feels like art and fashion are inextricably married, but this is more like a tourist souvenir than wearable art”.

Model and ClaudRobe founder Claudia Gould happens to adore the collection, saying, “The aesthetic of this collab is a total masterpiece, utilising the classical sublime of great masters and embellishing the glory of such iconic visuals with the universally recognised LV outlet uk print, in poster paint pastel hues of red, blue and teal. There is something so unexpectedly nail-on-the-head about this clash, you either get it or you don’t.”

London-based She Zine editor Diana Chire had a different reaction. She said, “I don’t think the replica bags are terrible looking. But the problem is what the bags represent – that art is only for the very rich. An exclusive, not inclusive, club. I can’t imagine any artist I know going out splurging £300 on a fake bag. Jeff is totally taking the piss.”

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander modelled the bags in the desert with Koons, in an unusual pose for the semi-reclusive “Balloon Dog” artist. Koons is rarely seen in anything other than a plain suit, typically leaving the colours to his art. This new fashion agenda made him a different man, and artist, in many respects.

Grandmother Uses Louis Vuitton Replica Bag to Carry Fish

This “Neverfull” handbag from Louis Vuitton was used as a fish carrier by a grandmother in Taiwan.

An old woman in Taiwan is so fab that she uses a $110 Louis Vuitton replica bag to carry fish she bought from the market.

The old woman’s grandson, who gave her the bag as a gift, posted the funny story on social media. He wrote that his grandmother didn’t know that the replica handbags she was using to carry groceries and fish – the slimy and scaly ones you get from the wet market – was actually one of the most iconic bags of the luxury brand.

The grandmother told him happily that her new fake bag was waterproof but also a little heavy.

The grandson gifted her the bag after seeing that his grandmother has been lugging an old handbag for years and decided to buy her an expensive one. He said he was so shocked when he saw that she was misusing the fake handbag, but also thought her naivety was funny. He hadn’t told her grandmother yet about the bag as he saw that using it to carry fish made her so happy.

The Neverfull replica handbag is one of Louis Vuitton’s classic models.

Louis Vuitton Replica Delightful PM Review


I’m back with another replica Louis Vuitton handbag review! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Louis Vuitton Replica Delightful MM handbag. This is a peculiar handbag in my opinion, I like the way it looks over the shoulder, but if you read my reviews regularly, you know I’m a fan of crossbody bags. Still, I like it, carry on reading to see why.


This is a large bag, similar in size to the replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull. It comes in the regular Louis Vuitton canvas material covered with the regular design we all know and love.

It has a single strap, long enough to be worn over the shoulder but not long enough to be worn crossbody.

The Louis Vuitton Replica Delightful MM has no internal compartments, but it does have an internal zip pocket which is large enough to keep any small to mid-size valuables.

Its measurements are, 16 inches in length, 11 inches in height and 5 ½ inches in width. You can see how it looks on me in the video (I’m only 5’1)


As with most LV bags, there’s no zip closure. If a genie could grant me one wish it would be to have all LV handbag models with a zip!

The bag is also quite slouchy, and with daily use it will eventually begin to lose its shape. This isn’t a replica problem however, my friend’s real LV Delightful is beginning to look worn too.


Thanks for reading my Louis Vuitton Replica Delightful MM handbag review. Do I recommend this replica LV handbag? That depends on your personal taste in my opinion, if you’re looking for a larger bag, it’s an equal choice between this or the Neverfull. Either one will give you plenty of room and keep you looking stylish!

Thanks for reading, and as always, stay fabulous gals!

It’s a man’s world at new Louis Vuitton Solaire branch

The brand’s second store has casual wear like cotton T-shirts, denim and lightweight jackets—perfect for high rollers

Men’s ready-to-wear, exclusively available at Louis Vuitton in Solaire

Twenty-four years after it entered the Philippine market, French luxury company replica Louis Vuitton has opened its second store, this time at Solaire Resort and Casino in Pasay City.

At Solaire, the brand is unveiling new categories that aren’t available at Greenbelt, such as the gifting collection, introduced globally only in January.

Rhea de Vera-Aguirre, general manager of Louis Vuitton Guam, Saipan and the Philippines, said the gifting items— writing instruments, stationery, small ceramic trays—are intended for Solaire’s largely tourist clientele who wishes to bring home souvenirs.

Owing to its largely tourist market, the store has staff who speak Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

For the first time, the brand also brought in men’s ready-to-wear, available exclusively at Solaire, geared for the casino’s high rollers.

It has casual wear consisting of cotton T-shirts, denim, hoodies and lightweight jackets. There are also higher-end pieces such as leather jackets, blazers and trousers.

There are men’s sneakers, driving shoes and dress shoes of exotic skins.


The polo shirts, priced from P19,800, have been quite well received, according to the sales associates.

Louis Vuitton has held successful RTW caravans here, for men’s and women’s wear. But for a dominantly male market in its second location, De Vera-Aguirre saw the opportunity in the men’s segment.

The store, which had its soft opening during Chinese New Year, has benefited from the distinct buying habits of casino goers and high rollers: They buy on impulse, and they go for the high-ticket items, such as watches and jewelry. They also want multiple pieces of the same thing, usually in different colors.

New season replica handbags

The new boutique seems expansive, but is of the same size as the Greenbelt store, according to De Vera-Aguirre. The retail floor, however, is spread throughout one level, making it seem bigger than it is.

The categories are sectioned in six different areas, which include women’s replica handbags and accessories, shoes, fine jewelry. There’s also a travel category, a nod to the house’s heritage. For personalization, a hot-stamping machine is available.

Unlike at Greenbelt, the Solaire boutique has no private room. But there are sliding doors to close off areas for the privacy of VIP clients.